Editora Record, 2017
Job: cover and interiors design

Cover and interiors design: Renata Vidal
Adapted illustrations on the cover: Lisa Glanz; Pixel Buddha; Watercolor Nomads; Viktorija Reuta / Shutterstock; Suns07butterfly / Shutterstock; MA8 / Shutterstock; Helloseed / Shutterstock
Adapted illustrations on the interiors: Lisa Glanz; Viktorija Reuta / Shutterstock

Finishes: soft touch lam, spot UV High Gloss (butterfly) and hot stamping Crown 790 (ants). Hardcover edition with a bellyband.

Check the book with the finishes here

Mockup 3d of the book with the bellyband
Mockup 3d of the book
Full cover with bellyband
Full cover
Some sample pages of the interiors
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