Palavra Crônica, 2016.
Job: Cover design and illustration, interiors layout of "Amar, modo de usar" of Diego Engenho Novo, author of Palavra Crônica

Finishes: matte lam and spot UV High Gloss

Design and illustration: Renata Vidal
Photo (author): Ubiratan Leandro
Some sample pages of interiors

Interiors illustrations: Lisa Glanz (cupcake, clock, bike, umbrella, letter and pot on p.12; ); Make Media Co. (bottle, key and pencil on p.12; pote na p.240); Nicky Laatz (bird on p.8; telephone, camera, glasses, scissors and cup on p.12); Petr Knoll (suitcase and lampshade on p.12); Renata Vidal (p.1, 5, 8-11, 236 e 240)

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